Dennis Bellairs Cup Programme

With the new season rapidly approaching, Prescot Cables returned to action by hosting the inaugural Dennis Bellairs Cup - a single day, four-team tournament in honour of a club stalwart who passed away last year.

Because of the unusual nature of the event, I was asked to produce a programme. I used the event to test out a new, magazine-style format which I hope to develop for the new campaign.

With only one club supplying a named list of players, I decided to omit the "team sheet" element of this issue, although another club did send headshots of some of their players, which were included without captions.

I had some help with the copy, from writer Mat Guy who has made several articles available at Dreams of Victoria Park and I also reproduced a topical piece from Row Z - Journeys Around Football, with permission (and thanks!).

Although I couldn't get to the tournament due to family commitments, I was delighted that Cables claimed the trophy by beating St Helens Town 6-0 in the semi-final before defeating Rainhill Town in the decider. There was some good feedback about the programme too: you can see it below.


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