Prescot Cables v Scarborough Athletic Programme

I was really proud of this issue, for a number or reasons.

The first was the cover. I usually try to find a shot of a player that is in good form, wearing the club's 'home' colours and where the shirt sponsorship is prominent. Because this match took place on Armistice Day, we went instead for a simple image of a poppy on a greyscale background, in an effort to honour those who had made the ultimate sacrifice.

Having had two weeks between programmes, I had worked on an original piece about the club's shifting identity, particularly around its nickname. I also commemorated the 60th anniversary of the club's first appearance in the First Round Proper of The FA Cup, with help from supporter Roy McDonald, and wrote a piece about football in wartime. 

This programme sold out quickly and got some seriously good feedback, which was nice. The team won the game and suddenly the mood of the club was shifting; could we really start to dream of promotion?

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