Prescot Cables v South Shields Programme

This programme was rather sprung on us... we had been due to travel to South Shields on 9th December and lots of supporters had bought train tickets and booked accommodation, planning to make a weekend of it. However, both Prescot Cables and South Shields had been knocked out of The FA Trophy, meaning that they both had a blank Saturday on 25th November. As South Shields had a fixture backlog, the league decided to bring the 9th December match forward and give South Shields an alternative fixture on that date.

Having one of the longest away trips of the season brought forward at less than a fortnight's notice was met with consternation by both supporters and officials at Prescot. The league were adamant that the match would have to be played but, if the clubs were happy to reverse the order of fixtures that would be OK. So it was that Cables gave up their home match on Easter Saturday and a programme went into production...

I got a two-page article out of the push-me, pull-you rearrangement. It was just another example of how differently non-league football operates in the North of England compared to further South (I got an article out of that too, particularly the parlous state of crowds in the Southern Step 4 divisions). Further original content came in the form of a piece about the fact that Cables had used an unusually high number of goalkeepers in a short space of time. 

In some respects, this issue had a recurring theme which could be summed up as "it's my programme, I might as well have some fun with it". The articles were written for pleasure, rather than for a specific space in the book, and I hope that comes across to the reader. 

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