Prescot Cables v Bootle (Liverpool Senior Cup) Programme

When I lived in the South of England, County Cup ties were a source of dread. The crowd would be about 50 and if a programme was issued at all, it would be a seriously cut down edition.

On Merseyside, it seems to be different, in all kinds of ways. I had prepared the programme for the previous season's Liverpool Senior Cup Final, which saw Prescot Cables defeat Southport 2-0 in front of a crowd of over 900 to win the trophy for the first time. It was an incredible evening. 

I hadn't been expecting to prepare this programme, as we had been drawn away. However, the tie was postponed twice, so the Liverpool FA switched it to Prescot. I had wondered how best to approach the issue. Do we cut it down and try to save money, or do we maintain our usual routine?

In the end, I worked in my usual way, because even if I cut down the number of articles all of the adverts would still need to be printed and I didn't want people to feel that they weren't getting value for money. I was also concerned that if I did something different, Bootle might feel slighted and I didn't want that.

In the end, there were 301 spectators at the match, which Cables won 5-0. The sizeable crowd snapped up all the programmes, justifying the decision to maintain the usual routine.


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