Prescot Cables Christmas Double Header Programme

I really don't like double header programmes. I refused to do them when I worked for the Middlesex FA; when there were two Cup Finals played at the same ground on a given day, each match would have a distinct programme.

But, sometimes, there is just no alternative. This was one of those times; Cables had been allocated two home matches in four days over Christmas and the printers were shut until New Year.

Not only that, but these programmes are supposed to be my hobby; trying to put two together when I could and should be spending time with my family was not an appealing prospect.

In these circumstances, a double issue was the least bad option. I tried to make it as topical as I could, within the constraints imposed by an early deadline. I looked at the club's performance over the calendar year and explored why football is played on Boxing Day. There was even a seasonal ghost story, provided by a regular contributor to the Tony Kempster Forum


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