Prescot Cables v Everton Programme

Unusually for a Premier League club, Everton still participate in their local County Cup and field teams against some of the stronger non-League outfits in the region.

So it came to pass that I found myself preparing a programme that has already made a few quid on eBay for someone.

I didn't get the usual support from the visiting club that I would for a League game, so instead of receiving Word documents with some club history and the biographies of the squad, I got sent a couple of PDFs and some hyperlinks, from which I copied, pasted, then edited.

To be fair to the club, I don't think the people I was dealing with had to deal with this kind of request very often and they were very helpful. I did have a good selection of photos of potential squad members to work with, which helped. As tempting as it was to throw the proverbial 'kitchen sink' at this issue, it turned out to have the usual page count.  Prescot were excellent and deservedly won 3-1, in front of 630.


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