Prescot Cables v Glossop North End Programme, 21st August 2018

The first programme of a new season is always challenging. There is a need for re-invention but a desire not to 'throw the baby out with the bathwater'. There's also the inevitable changes of personnel, on and off the pitch.

In its guise as Tiger Talk, Prescot Cables' programme had won two awards for excellence within Evo-Stik North and been rated within the top 25 nationally by the Soccer Club Swap Shop.  This told me that the magazine-style layout was worth continuing, but perhaps with some tweaks.  

I had resolved long ago to change the name, as the 'Tigers' nickname appears to have fallen out of favour. The new name - The Walloper - is a direct reference to Bob Wilkinson, a prominent supporter of the club during the 1940s and 1950s who followed the club home and away. It's not a name other clubs are likely to adopt, but nods to Cables' rich history. 

For this launch issue, we tried some new features and pushed the page count up to 56 as a result.

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