Prescot Cables v Ramsbottom United Programme, 6th November 2018

I pride myself on producing a consistently good programme on behalf of Prescot Cables FC but of all the issues I have edited, this is probably my favourite.

The reason for that is simple; it isn't dominated by my writing!

The book went back up to 56 pages for this issue, boosted by two new features - a regular column by Club Secretary by Matt Roberts, plus a piece from one of the supporters about his journey with the club.

A lot of the time, part of the job of a Programme Editor is being able to plug a two page hole at half-past eleven on a Sunday night so you can go to print the next morning. Not this time; I actually took out a piece I'd written in order to ensure that everything else went in. Waste not, want not though; I published the 'spiked' article here instead: Pitch Imperfect

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