Prescot Cables v Droylsden Programme, 8th December 2018

Unusually, I caught a little bit of flak for something I wrote in this issue of The Walloper. I had seen a lot of negativity directed as Prescot Cables on social media and used my notes to express an opinion on some of what had been said. It would be fair to say my piece got a reaction:

Whilst the comparison to 'Comical Ali' touched something of a nerve, it wasn't that difficult to shrug off. After all, I do receive a certain amount of information that either is not for the public domain or has been passed to me to prepare for publication and I have no intention of allowing an anonymous social media account to wind me up. Besides, if nothing else, at least I know someone, somewhere is reading the programmes!

For what it's worth, I stand by every word of the piece and consider this to be a good issue. In addition to my own opinion piece, I was able to interview the club's leading goalscorer, Chris Almond and I'm pleased with the result. 

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