Prescot Cables Pre-Season Programme

You don't spend as much time as I have over the years compiling programmes without developing a passion for the printed page, although even I struggle to justify putting too much effort into preparing issues for pre-season games. After all, these fixtures often feature a glut of players, many of whom make brief cameo appearances and are never seen again.

Having said that, The Wallloper has been very successful during my time as its Editor, so the club were keen to do something. I was pushed for time - my family tend to insist that the summer months are a period that ought to be less football-centric - so the result was a single programme that covered no fewer than five matches. I've never produced a single issue that covered so many games before; I'm not sure I would do so again.

This issue is the final Walloper laid out using the design developed for the 2018-19 season.

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