Prescot Cables v Everton XI Programme, 23rd July 2019

For Prescot Cables' home pre-season fixtures, I had prepared a five-match Pre-Season Programme. However, the Pesky Bulls were playing six games.

For the 'odd one out' - a prestige friendly against an Everton XI - I decided to experiment with the layout that I was intending to use for the 2019-20.

You can see the results on this page, albeit that they consist of a stripped-down booklet, almost devoid of adverts. Although I was on holiday when the game took place, there was a hard copy of this issue waiting on my desk for me when I returned to work. This gave me the opportunity to review whether the layout would work; thankfully, it looked fantastic.

You don't have to take my word for it, though. Have a look for yourself:


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