Prescot Cables v Clitheroe Programme, 20th August 2019

The first programme of the new season is always a difficult one to compile. There are new adverts to work into the book - both paid for and imposed by the League - and old adverts to remove. In addition, I always try to start with a new layout.

Everything was a little bit rushed, partly because of the delayed announcement of BetVictor as the new title sponsor of all the Leagues at Prescot Cables' level of English football. This created a whole raft of extra compliance requirements that volunteers have to work through and had a knock-on effect on all the other task that Leagues and Clubs do to prepare for a new campaign.

Although it wasn't made clear in the instructions sent to clubs, the sponsor's logo had to be placed in the bottom-right corner of the cover. This had an adverse effect on the design work I had done around promoting sponsorship. However, the end of a partnership with Volair freed up part of the foot of the page, enabling me to accomodate both the League's directive and the requests of the club's commercial team.

All of these coloured my mood when it came to laying out the book, which is why it includes a long piece that I have written outlining the pressures that volunteers are now under. That piece is reproduced here: Back on the Treadmill.  

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