Prescot Cables v Tadcaster Albion Programme, 31st August 2019

This programme featured the first column from Cables new Joint Manager, Steve Pilling. These notes are traditionally fairly anodyne, but Steve came up with over 1,000 words of really informative copy. It needed a bit of editing, but not a huge amount and what work I did on the piece was really enjoyable.

I wrote a couple of pieces for this issue that I was pleased with; one was about the situation at Bury FC and comparing the rather lax rules the professional clubs compared with those that exist in the non-league game. The other was a reflection on having provided Internet Radio commentary on an away match the previous Monday. You watch a game in an entirely different way when you have to describe it and doing commentary provides its own challenges...

The match itself was a frustrating one, which Cables should have won, only to concede a late equaliser.

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