Our Family Tree

What started out as an effort to preserve information for my children has developed into a major passion project and reaches around the world

ever wondered where you’re from?

I did! I took my first tentative steps into Genealogy in 2010, when my eldest child was a baby. By then, both my parents had passed away so, if there were questions I wanted to ask about our family, there wasn’t anyone to ask. I didn’t want my daughter to feel like that, so I started researching.

I made a certain amount of progress, then set the project aside, only picking it back up again during the first lockdown in 2020. With time on my hands and free access to a couple of the big sites, I soon found a new and very time-consuming special interest to work on!

As I make progress with my research, I’m sharing elements of it here for others to enjoy.

Earliest known ancestor born

Generations mapped

Family members identified to date


“One of the most interesting discoveries I’ve made during the course of my research is the sheer number of my ancestors who either emigrated to Australia, or were born there”

What will you find here?

In this section of my website, you’ll find a record of all of the people currently mapped in my Family Tree, from 1580 to the present day.

You’ll also find Family Matters, my very infrequent reflections and musings on the research I’ve done so far, my extended family and our various places in the world, whether that’s 16th Century York, or modern-day Merseyside.

From thoughts on how my ancestors spread throughout the world during the days of Empire to tributes to family members we have lost, this is a part of the website that means a great deal to me and which I intend to develop.

Liverpool: our home since 2016

The Coates line of which I am part stretches back to 1580 and spans four continents