The Extended Family

Working backwards from my own birth in 1980, I have traced what I believe is direct ancestry dating back as far as the 1580s, plus lots of other branches of my extended family. It is a fascinating pastime; my family has travelled far and wide and as a result, the total number of people in my extended family tree got to around 2000, although I’ve since done a substantial amount of ‘pruning’ (this is why).

Therefore, some of the people in the Family Tree are there only tangentially – perhaps they’re the extended family of a spouse, added for completeness in the early stages of my research – but all have stories of their own.

On this page, you can see all of the people for whom I have acquired at least some information; this is an evolving project and I hope to increase what is available over time.

Surnames are listed alphabetically and some of these – such as “Hyde” will be more common than others, this being the maiden name of my Paternal Grandmother.

Others, such as Holt, appear as part of my wife’s heritage, which is being researched extensively by my mother-in-law and others.

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